Month: March 2022

Pop Music Production as a Post Sound Edit 

  Since I’ve started to produce my own music again, I’ve been investigating ways to break out of some of my existing producer habits. As a visual learner, I tend to get lost in how MIDI events graphs look, and how different…Read More »

Kings Of Leon’s Producer Recorded My Song

It was a dream come true when Graham had the chance to work with Grammy-winning Jacquire King to reproduce his old song, “Bury It”. And with “Record Making with Jacquire King” reopening very soon to new students… We figured this video Graham…Read More »

New Bamboo Vinyl Wall Display from Twelve Inch

In a push to improve the quality and sustainability of their products, Sound Matters partners Twelve Inch have switched their popular frameless record display systems from plastic to Bamboo. As a vinyl enthusiast and a fan of natural materials to boot, the…Read More »